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It is nice to know that there are a few reviewers that agree with me.  Wes over and LanOC took the new EVGA Z490 FTW out for a spin and it seems they also had trouble deciding how to put the board into a positive light.  (Must have been ROG envy, #justsayin)

One thing I didn't include in my review was the frustration I had getting things installed.  Not so much drivers but, getting memory installed took way more force than it should have.  The same was true for PCI Express cards and even the power plugs.  I did ask EVGA about this and they claim it must have been a fluke with my particular sample and AND, I believe them.  It is not uncommon to have a bad batch of components and more often than not *that* is why RMA exists.

(BTW RMA doesn't exist for people who break stuff on purpose or for those who cannot get something to work correctly.)

With a small B550 break out of the way, I did still have another Z490 motherboard come in after the Z490 launch that I wanted to check out. That board is from EVGA and unlike all of the other board manufacturers, EVGA doesn’t have 15 or 20 different options. They always like to keep things a little simpler. They have two Z490 motherboards and only one available just yet, the Z490 FTW WiFi. I’m excited to see what EVGA has going on for this generation so let’s dive in and take a closer look then put it through its paces.  

Be sure to check out my review of the EVGA Z480 FTW WiFi Motherboard.  Its not a bad board but, did leave a LOT on the table when you start looking at what else is out there.

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