rucial Ballistix DDR4 2x32GB 3600MHz BL2K32G36C16U4B @ LanOC Reviews

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Gotta say it is nice to see memory reviews hitting the Internet again.  Quite a few companies including Corsair, GSKill and Kingston are extremely reserved when it comes to sending samples making it difficult to find good information on them.  I suspect this is a factor of margins and the company insistence that memory doesn't need to be reviewed.

I'd like to offer another option which is the reluctance of Tier 1 review sites flat out refusing to review memory.  This has a trickle down effect for smaller sites since it tends to shrink the marketing budget.  I will be honest in saying that reviewing memory is kinda boring, the articles are not very popular and few people (reviewers included) actually understand that makes memory special. 

In this review from LanOC we can get a sample of the new Crucial Ballistix 3600Mhz modules featuring a new heatspreader design and a really impressive CAS 16 timing set.

I’ve had the chance over the years to check out a wide variety of Crucial Ballistix branded memory. Being a part of Micron, they have always been priced well, and as far as memory goes been solid. Styling-wise I loved the old Ballistix designs and there are a few of the modern designs like the Elite and their Tactical Tracer RGB kits that I was able to 3D print and CNC carve custom designs for. But as a whole, their mainstream stuff, while not bad looking has looked dated for a while now. So back at the start of the year, they announced new memory kits with new heatspreaders and I was excited to see what Crucial had going on. It took a while to come in, but I recently finally had the Crucial Ballistix BL2K32G36C16U4B kit come in which is their 2x32GB dual channel kit running at 3600 MHz. The timing couldn’t be much better given my personal PC has been begging for more memory with Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 and chrome having full-on MMA fights for the memory. So today I’m going to check out the new design and see how this kit performs.  

Call me crazy but, I'm not a fan of the new heatspreader design.  I got to see it in person during CES and it simply doesn't seem to have enough style to set it apart in the market.  But, Crucial seems to like it and will likely change the design again in a couple years.  If they are looking to reclaim the top spot in the retail memory market they are going to have to settle down.

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