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I was really impressed with this case when I saw it during Computex and CES.  It has great style with large tempered glass side panels and aluminum shell.  What it misses is being a practical case for system builders due to its size and weight but, nobody really cares about that right?

All the way back in January of 2019 we got our first look at InWin’s massive 928 full tower case. This case was specifically designed for Intel’s Xeon 14″ x 14″ motherboards as well as offering massive cooling options and dual power supply support. When I saw the case I loved it, but it really was not practical for a normal ATX system. I think InWin knew that going in and they eventually released a smaller version, the 925. The 925 still has the sleek 4mm thick brushed aluminum exterior, dual tempered glass side panels, support for long graphics cards, tons of cooling support and much more! While we see so many mid-towers out there it is great to see a high-end full tower so let’s jump in and see what it is all about!

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