EVGA RTX 3090 Kingpin Launch Day

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It is that time again, time for the famed Kingpin Edition video card launch from EVGA.  As many of you know there have been some major changes in how video cards are built and sold.  Due to the shortages of RTX cards many companies have shifted to "maximum profit" and threw out any sort of Overclocking.

As we have discussed on the Hardware Asylum Podcast video cards are factory overclocked leaving virtually no room to push them any higher.  Well, with some skill and some cold there are a few records to be set.  If you are brave and skillful with a soldering iron you can push things even further.  However, short of an electral engineer very few of us have the skills to make those mods and is where the EVGA RTX 3090 KPE takes center stage.

Built using a 12 Layer PCB and extreme power design the KingPin edition video card is designed to set records.  Triple bios support allows end users to dial in their performance model from safe to extreme allowing the card to be complely uncorked with no power restrictions.

Extreme Power

The K|NGP|N’s backbone is a 12 Layer PCB powered by extreme power design with extreme overclocking in mind. With integrated Smart PowerStages, each capable of supplying continuous current, the K|NGP|N has a powerful VRM matching or exceeding the best GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs available.

Digital Power Solution that is controlled by software is more precise and accurate, giving you ample power to push this card to the limit. Three 8-pin PCIe power connectors located on the right side of the PCB allows for easy cable management and mega power delivery.

Sadly I was late to the party with the RTX 2080 Ti KPE and never did put my card under cold but have been using it 24/7 with the dedicated waterblock.  If we can get an RTX 3090 KPE in the lab you'll be sure to see it stretch its legs under LN2.

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