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Ok, so when I post reviews from other websites I do so with the following intent.

  1. To share what other sites are doing and help hardware enthusiasts find products to read about
  2. According to google I'm doing the worse thing ever and they tend to punish websites to the fullest extent of "their" law by refusing to index sites that post links to other websites and then bury the content they have indexed to that nobody will ever find it.  While I see no harm in posting a link to another website it seems scammers figured out how to make money from it and thus hurting everyone.  #ruinitforeveryone
  3.  Get a chuckle out of the "quotes" that sites send out.  You can sometimes feel their enthusiasm by the quotes they send
  4. Miskpell certain words to see if anyone will ever write in to complain.

I have a love hate relationship with Aorus, they make some good stuff but, have this internal power struggle preventing them from actually making the company better.

Today we’re set to take a look at what AORUS has to offer with their RTX 3080 Master. This graphics card is quite easily one of the biggest we’ve ever encountered.

And here we have that quote.  It is like they want to do good but are scared that nobody will pay attention.  I mean where is the hook to prompt people to click the link??

I might suggest giving them a click just to show some love.

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