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When it comes to small form factor motherboards you cannot beat the Micro ITX.  They are not only super small but super powerful packing full desktop processors, two memory channels, a single expansion slot.  Some boards come with M.2 drives and the Aorus Ultra comes with two.

While it might not sound too impressive when you stop and think about it THAT is exactly what anyone actually NEEDs.

The Gigabyte Z490I AORUS Ultra comes with a lot of hardware packed into a small form factor. Among the features are 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet, WiFi 6, dual M.2 slots, and top-tier 90 A power stages. Let's see just how good this SFF Z490 entry from Gigabyte really is!

I do like how the Aorus motherboard features RGB lights even though in most Mini ITX cases there isn't enough room to see the motherboard, much less the RGB.  But, the market demands it and Gigabyte delivers.

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