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When it comes to affordable gaming headsets the HyperX Cloud II is pretty good both from a sound quality and fitment standpoint.  You can check out the review over at DV Hardware for more information.

For a company that had never made a gaming headset before 2014, HyperX really took the market by storm. Millions of unit sales later, HyperX has ranked in the US as the best-selling PC gaming headset brand for several years now. One of the company's best-selling products is the sub-$100 HyperX Cloud II -- the original launched in 2015 and now there's a wireless version of this classic. The original received rare reviews at the time, it's still available and has been sold millions of times. The Cloud Wireless II gaming headset builds upon this legacy by cutting the cord -- the new model offers 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, up to 30 hours of battery life, and 20 meters of wireless range. But is it as good as the original? Read on to find out!

I'm not sure I would fully agree with the way this review was introduced but, there is some truth to it all.

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