AMD Will Not Artificially Limit Radeon 6000 Crypto Mining Performance @ Hot Hardware

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With all of this talk about crypto consuming the entire supply of gaming GPUs it really puts some perspective into the power of money and why get rich quick schemes actually work. 

At least for one person.

You see when you drive the promise of money into the minds of people and then make it extremely easy to obtain said money, they do whatever it takes to make that one thing happen.  Spend over a grand on a video card and in a year they might be able to pay it off.  Pick up a second and halve that prospect. 

This sort of model rarely happens in the world and is a powerful motivator.  So, what happens when a company releases a product that has been designed for a single purpose which doesn't include crypto.  For business types and crypto miners they would say it is a failure while gamers might hail it as the second coming.

Enter the Radeon 6000, the card that is so sub-standard it is only good at playing games.

The quick and simple answer is a resounding "no." According to AMD Director of Product Management Nish Neelalojanan, "[AMD] will not be blocking any workload." While that is good news at face value, AMD doesn't exactly need to put an actual hardware/software limiter on GPUs like the Radeon RX 6700 XT and Radeon RX 6800 XT to limit the appeal to cryptocurrency miners. The company's design choices during development mean that RDNA 2 GPUs are a relatively poor choice from a performance/efficiency angle.

We can thank the power of CUDA and AI for why NVIDIA cards work well to solve complex math problems and how a product that is too good will keep it out of the hands of gamers until the next product release.

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