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This company name always makes me chuckle, I know it isn't a 1:1 but, I am easily reminded of the "Flaming Dragon" scene in Tropic Thunder and how nobody believes who they are because their group has an unfamilar name.

Names aside, the keyboard looks pretty much like a keyboard with some new lighting effects.

What happens when you combine a minimalist design, gaming keyboard features, TKL form factor, and great price? You end up with the Redragon K552 Kumara, a budget-prioritizing keyboard that aims to replace your OEM keyboard at not much more in cost, but way more in functionality and customization.

I'm not sure I would call a "10-key-less" keyboard a minimalist design but I do like how the keyboard switches are clear offering a new way for the RGB light to leak out around the keycaps.  Not a new idea and would likely offer a ton of glare but, it makes the keyboard look pretty good from a distance.

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