3Dfx Makes its move and it is so bad, it is laughable

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The Twitter account @3dfxofficial has been removed and all content related to the account has been deleted.  I suspect that NVIDIA might have stepped in finally and took action (like they should have done in the beginning).  Of couse the only thing left is whatever anyone downloaded including the image in this news post.

It was a fun ride but, it was a sham from the beginning and the bored netizens tried to keep the hype train going when they should have just let it go.


For those of you who are in the dark on this.  Someone claims to have bought the rights to the 3Dfx name and is planning to bring the company back after 20 years of being bankrupt and consumed by NVIDIA.

On the @3dfxofficial twitter they teased that a product roadmap would bew announcement on Aug 5th.  Well, they delivered.

According to this list you can see they are planning a bunch of stuff including a phone, video card, TV, bluetooth speaker, tablet and 5.1 surround sound system.

There are a number of things that jump out to indicate that this is simply hype, fake and a total waste of time.

  • Voodoo 6 PCI - PCI is what Voodoo2 and Voodoo3 used to add the video accelerator to existing systems.  With the advent of PCI Express it has become a dead format so building a card for that interface with that standard would be a waste of money, even to the retro crowd.
  • Smartphone - Unless it is a white box rebrand building a new phone from scratch is pointless. and how does a smart phone relate to the "old" 3Dfx??
  • Bluetooth speaker - Every BT Speaker on the market is a whitebox rebrand and not a mainstream item anyone would buy.
  • 5.1 Surround Sound System - "Maybe" if this was 2008 but these days nobody buys 5.1 channel sound, they buy 7.1.2 and then only install 5.1 speakers.  (cause: people are dumb)
  • 128GB Tablet - See the smartphone entry
  • SmartTV - Again, see the smartphone entry

The last item on the list is that why will show at CEC 2022.  This is an attempt to fool people into thinking it is CES as there is no CEC show. 

Overall I applaud whoever planned this and given that 3Dfx went under before twitter was a thing means that someone squatted on the twitter handle and is just now thinking it would be fun to troll the Internet.  Ultimately shame on NVIDIA for not securing their purchased property and allowing this to happen.

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