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When I was searching for an Alder Lake processor I was playing a hunch.  Rocket Lake had just hit the market and Comet Lake is still being sold mainstream.  On top of that Alder Lake was only being sold as a K edition unlocked processor (at least at the time).  The technology is new and support is still trying to play catch-up so there was very little need to splurge on a Core i9

The Core i7 seemed like the sweet spot for me which translates to Core i5 being what "everyone" else will be buying.

With six performance cores and hyper-threading, the Core i5 12400 might be the most desired budget-friendly and properly performing Alder Lake series processor as a gaming platform. It offers heaps of tier1 performance, can be tied towards DDR5 memory and a cheaper B660 chipset.

I have often wondered if DDR5 really has a benefit on lower end parts.  Real-world scaling can be hit or miss on the high-end due given that you can just power through using your CPU. 

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