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AIO coolers are pretty amazing and while some are concerned with reliability, I find that to be a non-issue.  The only part that generally wears out are the fans and those are easy to replace.

Reliability is a double-edged sword for AIO makers.  They are quite expensive and the droves of entitled penny pinchers do what they can to buy once and the vow to never buy again, unless something breaks then, they complain and demand their money back or abuse the RMA system.

For AIO Makers they need to strike a balance between offering a good product and creating new products that can get these tightwads to open their wallets and buy the next best thing.

LIke...  the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Flux AIO Coolers.  We reviewed the 360mm edition last month and LanOC has posted a review of the dual fan 240mm version for you to check out.

With Intel’s new CPUs moving to the LGA1700 socket and the new larger socket requiring a wider mounting bracket after Intel sticking with the same sized mounting hole for a very long time it has had me looking at changing up the cooling in a few of my systems and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Not only that, there are a LOT of options on the market. Everyone and their mom is now getting into the AIO market. Cooler Master has been around going back near the beginning for AIO coolers and they are one of only a few who often make their own designs rather than going with a standard OEM design so I’m interested in seeing what their new MasterLiquid PL240 Flus is all about. I’m also curious to see how it will perform on our new 12900K based test bench so let’s dive in and see how it does.

Of course, users can get all offended and play the "I shouldn't have to" card but.  The point is if you build your own computer, you are obligated to do a few upgrades.  Otherwise, you might as well become part of the HP Laptop mafia and STFU.

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