SiSoftware Sandra 20/21-R19 Released

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I just got word that a new version of SiSoftware Sandra has been released and you should check it out if you are interested in benchmarking your current build. 

Sandra has been used here on Hardware Asylum and since the beginning making it one of the longest running benchmark programs I have ever used.  The package supports a variety of CPU and Memory benchmarks that I use when overclocking to test stability and measure a performance gain.

Later I started using the storage benchmarks to test SSDs and that is just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the SiSoftware Sandra benchmarking suite offers.

New in this version

* Benchmarks, Hardware Support updates and fixes

  • GP-GPU – CUDA Updated to CUDA 11.8 Support for 8.9/9.0 devices nVidia 4090 series FP16 validation failure (too low precision for image size)
  • GP-GPU Memory Bandwidth Corrected DirectX Compute (11/12) bandwidths with internal graphics
  • Memory Detection Intel XMP 3.0, AMD EXPO DDR5 detection missing in some instances Jedec, Intel XMP 2.0 DDR4 write timings if provided by newer standard revision Corrected timings (tRP, tRAS) for some Intel ADL/RPL systems Missing memory timings for some mobile Intel ADP-P/U systems Added support for more chipsets (both AMD and Intel)

Check out their website to get your copy and consider buying a registered version to experience the power of the registered package.

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