G.Skill TridentZ DDR5 7200 CL36 2x24 GB review @ Guru3D

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Despite G.Skill no longer supporting "us" with review samples I am still a big fan of their memory lines and will often choose for my build recommendations.  That isn't to say that "other" memory is not good but, does imply that I trust the performance and style you get from G.Skill.

With that being said, The new TridentZ sticks are pretty damn nice and have a perfect color combo.

G.Skill is a company (from Taipei) whose products don’t need an introduction. The main “dish” is the RAM, from the DDR5 type. The provided sample is from a Trident Z5 series. We already covered the 5600 MHz CL36 (RGB-less) variant back in March’2022 (and it earned the “Recommended” award), and 7200 MHz CL34 (with the RGB lighting) also in March, but 2023 (this time it was the “Top Pick”). This time around, the sample is from the high-capacity kits (2x24 GB/2x48 GB) that were announced, yes – also in March (‘23), reaching up to 8200 MHz for the 2x 24 GB edition, and up to 6800 MHz when two 48 GB modules are used.

Now, if you are the type that would rather follow a different path and has finally given up on Corsair and their Bullshit then check out the Viper Venom line from Patriot.  It is quite good.

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