Sony Is About To Remove Over 1,000 Discovery Shows, Even If You've Purchased Them

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One thing that has always concerned me with movies and tv shows is that they have a lifetime.  While a show is in syndication you can watch it whenever you want but, after the show goes off the air it can be YEARS before it comes back again.

Movies are the same way. 

The cadence "was/is", Movie gets released in theaters allowing moviegoers to watch it as many times as they like the way it was designed to be seen.  Once the movie has run its course there is often a pause while DVD/Bluray media is generated ahead of a home release of the film.  These days movies have been bypassing the physical media stage and going directly to online streaming services.

So, the problem is, what happens when that streaming service no longer has the rights to show the movie/show OR, decides that they can no longer justify storing the movie based on how many times it is being viewed.

It seems that Sony is in hot water and must remove the media, Sony was also big on making sure you paid for the media and making the situation sting a little more.

Over 1,300 seasons of shows like Animal Planet Presents, Cake Boss, Deadliest Catch, American Chopper, How It's Made, and MythBusters will be removed. You can check out the full list here, which Sony provided.

The removal of the shows prompted even more support for the resurgence of physical media online, even when retailers like Best Buy and Target are getting out of that business, or at the very least, scaling back.

It's interesting to note though that Sony does not own the content being removed and it's under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella. It could be WBD isn't renewing licensing for third-party apps and keeping everything on Max. Prime Video and even Google Play have similar agreements when your purchase something digitally in that you don't own the product, but hold the license. Should that license be removed, well, you know.

Maybe it is time to finally re-evaluate how these streaming services are operating.  Be sure to check out the full article on Gamespot.

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