LIAN LI Redefines the Art of Cooling with the UNI FAN TL LCD and UNI FAN TL

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December 20th, 2023, Taipei, Taiwan – LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, launched a new series of interlocking fans with the UNI FAN TL LCD and UNI FAN TL. The UNI FAN TL LCD includes a built-in 1.6” LCD display with 400x400 pixel resolution, which is fully customizable via L-Connect. Users can customize their LCD display with format support of GIF, MP4, JPG and PNG files, or opt to display various system sensor information like CPU speed or temperature. The UNI FAN TL offers a noise and performance-optimized fan experience with LCP blades and FDB bearing with copper shielding. Both models feature a revamped lighting style with 2 LED zones implemented in a diffused RGB strip at the top and bottom of the frame that wraps around the mounting points of the fans. Both models are available in black and white, in sizes of 120mm and 140mm, and in regular and reverse airflow designs.

  • 1.6” LCD display with 400x400 resolution at center of fan frame (TL LCD only)
  • Two LED zones at top and bottom of frame with large infinity mirror to create a gap-free lighting
  • Features built-in IC for instant recognition of fan position from L-Connect 3
  • New Merge and Sync effect for perfect lighting effect display
  • UNI FAN style daisy-chainable design for easy cable management with support for up to 10 fans on a single port (TL only)

The UNI FAN TL LCD integrates a 1.6” LCD IPS screen at the center of the fan. The screen has 400 x 400 resolution and can display system information, including CPU temperature, CPU load, GPU temperature, GPU load, and fan speed. This screen supports GIF, MP4, JPG, and PNG file formats for fun customization for the LCD display, individually or synchronized across multiple fans with the L-Connect software. The UNI FAN TL LCD controller accommodates up to 7 LCD fans simultaneously, with each port supporting up to 3 UNI FAN TL LCD fans. Users have the flexibility to mix groups of TL and TL LCD fans, achieving a harmonious blend of performance and aesthetic customization.

The UNI FAN TL features a 9-blade configuration crafted from durable Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), ensuring the blades maintain their shape at high speeds. This design allows the fan blades to be closer to the fan frame, measuring 0.65mm for the TL 120 and 1.0mm for the TL 140. With an overall frame thickness of 28mm, this configuration enhances the blade surface area, leading to improved performance. Additionally, the UNI FAN TL uses Fluid Dynamic bearings (FDB) for the fan motor, promoting quieter and smoother operation. The combination of a thicker fan frame, robust LCP blade material, and FDB contributes to outstanding performance and reduced noise levels.

Infinity RGB Customization
The UNI FAN TL and TL LCD boast large infinity mirrors on both frame sides, accompanied by a diffused RGB strip along the anti-vibration pads' edges. This lighting style creates a seamless effect in connected clusters. The top and bottom LEDs are divided into two zones, individually controllable via L-Connect. Utilizing the interlocking mechanism from the original UNI FANs, users can form fan clusters powered by a single cable (up to 10 fans on a single port for the UNI FAN TL or up to 3 UNI FAN TL LCDs per port). With an individual IC built into each fan, the L-Connect automatically detects each fan for effortless management, optimizing system airflow while intelligently identifying fan size and location within each group.

The UNI FAN TL series is available for pre-order starting December 20th, 2023.

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