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White builds are all the rage these days and, yet like popular fads they may be here to stay or may fade into obscurity like the first single color 80mm LED case fans.

However, until that day comes we weill start to see more and more accessories which are "white".  Now before you get all upset saying "but, but, but..  omg... the PCB is still black, how can you call this a white accessory?" Well, that is a good question and one that can be answered by the short sighted product team who figured that...

Since you cannot see the PCB from the 3+ slot f'in monster of a GPU cooler we can clearly call this a white component provided that the cooler and fans are white, that is cheap and checks all the boxes our research has indicated are important.


ASRock's Radeon RX 7900 XT Phantom Gaming White is an overclocked custom design variant with a white color theme. Pricing is reasonable, just +$20 over the regular card and noise levels are fantastic, the card is whisper quiet, even when heavily loaded.

Seems like a good card, you might want to pick one up, provided you can front the extra 20 bux. wink smile

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