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When it comes to computer accessories, you know, the ones you physically interface with when using your desktop PC,  My go-to peripheral is Logitech.

I know, I know, but, you have not reviewed a single Logitech product on your website(s), how can I trust that you are not just blowing smoke up my ass??

Well, I'm here to tell you that, running a hardware review website is not an easy task, in some ways it is thankless especially when companies as big as Logitech cannot be bothered to send products out for review when SOOOOO many influencers are doing it for free.  They can then select a few hot chix and edgy streamers to sample from that list and make them a contract bound advertising agent.  And, while I use their products because they are actually good, I have not been given the opportunity to do a product review because I cannot be bothered to become part of their twisted PR engine.  happy smile

LanOC, on the other hand, has this to say, about their desk lamp.

Alongside Logitech’s introduction of their new Yeti microphones which I recently took a look at, they also introduced the new Logitech G Litra Beam LX. Litra, like Blue Microphones, was a company acquisition by Logitech back in 2021. Litra was an LED lighting company with a focus on adventure lighting. The Litra product lineup continues that lighting tradition, but it won’t be a surprise to anyone that Logitech has been integrating all of that into their brand with a focus on lighting for when you are at your PC for streaming and remote work. They have brought out a few products, the new Litra Beam LX isn’t the first at all, but it does expand on their previous product the Litra Beam. The Litra Beam has bi-color lighting, and the LX adds RGB backlighting as well to fit in with the traditional “streamer” or “gamer” look in your office. Having never taken a look at any of the Litra lineup I’m excited to not only see what is new about the LX but also get the full Litra experience. So let’s dive in and see what it is all about!

Umm,  Logitech has a Yeti??

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