CS LIVA Z5 Plus Mini-PC (Intel Core i5-1335U) @ TechPowerUp

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There was a time when I could not be bothered with Mini-PCs.  They were extremely underpowered and offered very little to the computer hardware enthusiast.  However, it would seem that times are changing, not so much out of innovation but rather stagnation.

Early in my PC building career you could see some common names across the available hardware.  In my area the computer shops were focused on offering "in expensive" hardware since cheap sells and names like Biostar, PC Chips and.. ECS were very common.  If you wanted a name brand part, you had to order out of a catalog.

So, here we are, faced with a situation.  The future of the desktop PC is presented in this review and by none other than ECS,  As Morpheus once said "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony"

The ECS LIVA Z5 Plus delivers robust performance and efficiency. With its remarkably low-noise operation, it proves to be an excellent choice for settings like a home office, kiosk, or digital signage.

Of course, many of the Mini-PCs on the market are still underpowered because, like computer shops of the early 2000's, cheap sells.  Had ECS included a Core Ultra processor then this would become a viable desktop replacement.  Not a gaming rig but, very decent for what most people "need".

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