Thermaltake Reveals the Dr. Power III, a Power Tester Compatible with the Latest 12+4pin Connector

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Taipei, Taiwan-March 21st, 2024-Thermaltake, a leading PC DIY brand for premium hardware solutions, is excited to launch the Dr. Power III, an enhanced portable power tester that supports the latest ATX12V v3.1 standard. This tester simplifies the process of checking the operational status of different PSU connectors. Compared to its predecessor, the Dr. Power III additionally supports a 12+4pin connector, enabling it to test the next-gen power supplies which are designed for high power consumption GPU.

Whether pre-build checks or troubleshooting existing setups, the Dr. Power III can offer straightforward voltage and PG value detection. To initiate testing, easily use cables to attach connectors between the power supply and the Dr. Power III, press the check button, and the test will begin. The Dr. Power III supports various connectors, including the latest 12+4pin, 24pin, PCIe 6/8pin, SATA, CPU 4/8pin, and peripheral connectors. It is compatible with all contemporary ATX PSU, Dr. Power III meticulously detects the SENSE0/SENSE1 sideband signals of the latest PCIe 12+4pin connector, distinguishing power levels of 150W, 300W, 450W, and 600W.

The output voltages will be shown respectively on the real-time LCD display, ensuring the information can be read clearly and immediately. While the built-in diagnostic system of the Dr. Power III detects issues of low-voltage, high-voltage, no-voltage, and PG alarm systems, it alerts users with a red LCD backlight and a “beep” sound; if the test proceeds without any issues, the LCD backlight will stay white, allowing users to assess instant feedback effortlessly. The Dr. Power III incorporates both manual and automatic testing modes, so users can choose the approach that fits their needs best. Moreover, the Dr. Power III features a 3-year warranty, guaranteeing reliability for users over an extended period.

The Dr. Power III simplifies the process of diagnosing power supply issues. It comes with support for the latest 12+4pin connector, a real-time LCD for immediate feedback, and a user-friendly design, making it the perfect tool for testing your high-end power supplies.

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