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    Vantec HDD Cooler

    Here is a part 2 to my previous project that can be seen here. Many people have noticed that the cooler that I featured in the previous project was cheaply constructed and poorly designed. Nothing proves this more than having the fan seize up after only 2 weeks of operation.

    The cooler's demise was actually quite an experience. Here I am chuggin away on my computer when I start to hear a faint grinding noise coming from my case. A little while later it starts to get louder and louder until I start to worry that my hard drive is about to crash. So frantic to save my important documents and programs I copy everything over to my Linux server and shut the computer down. I pulled the side panel off and removed the hard drive. The drive was cool to the touch and didn't appear to have any physical damage (not that you can really tell) so I removed the cooler and started testing things. I fired up the HDD with no problems, no strange noise, no nothing. I then tested the cooler, The fan hardly could move and made a terrible noise.

    So I really got what I paid for. I also decided against collecting on the 1 year warranty.

    With my HDD cooler broken I started looking around at what else I could get as a replacement. I ruled out any local shops in town, nothing was really that good and what was good, was over priced. I then turned to The vast majority of my cooling gear has come from this online store, and I have been happy with every piece.

    Considering how well the cheapie under drive cooler did I was really looking for a quality replacement at a reasonable price. The Vantec cooler fit that description.
    The cooler has two 60mm fans that move a total of 28cfm of air. Power is supplied by a 4 pin pass though connector and attaches to the bottom of the hard drive with 4 screws that are provided. The fans have no finger guards but do have some spacers that actually limit where the assembly can be installed. Though without the spacers there wouldn't be much airflow so they are are welcome addition.
    The cooler has worked great ever since it was installed. I liked it so much I even picked up 2 more when I added my ATA100 RAID.