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  • Cooler Master Storm Scout Case Review
  • Cooler Master Storm Scout Case Review


    Case Layout & Features

    The CM Storm Scout comes with one of the best features any LAN Gamer could want, a carrying handle.  The huge handle makes fast LAN deployments possible and with the many different ways to hold the Scout the top mounted handle is extremely versatile. As we are all aware its not really the case that makes your system heavy, it's the stuff you install and this carrying handle allows you to carry the case one handed, or even two hand it without bending over to pick up the case.
    Like a dashboard of a no nonsense car. The top Front I/O panel is sleek and to the point. With easy access to anything you need right from the top of the case.  You have easy access to 4 x USB's, Audio output, MIC input, eSATA, Huge Power Button, and a little tiny reset button.

    Cooler Master also gave the Scout something more just for the fun of it, a button for going into stealth mode. Imagine this; you're a scout looking around behind enemy lines gathering intel on enemy placements, buildings, and troops.  You'll not last long if you're seen doing this so being quiet is important.  Well stealth mode follows the same idea.  Every now and then you have to go lights out and Cooler Master gives this great option at our fingertips.
    The CM Storm Scout comes with a few new technologies for tool less drives holders. The first one we will touch on the new locking mechanism for holding optical drives and such in the top 5.25" drive bay area. This is one of the best locks we have ever encountered for a tool less solution. Slide in the drive then push the holder forward to lock it in. Then slide down the small plastic piece for an ever most secure fit. This works and it is extreme stable.
    Tool less is still all the rage and Cooler Master has done their best to make this case very quick to setup, including the expansion card holders. Cooler Master has gone with a slightly different design here by opening up the screw area and including a ton of thumbscrews so you can secure those heavier cards in place.  This is an extremely nice touch.
    The 3.5" drive bay area is located in the typical location and uses a more traditional drive rail method for securing the various devices, these rails simply clip on and slide into place. 

    Cooler Master has even included brackets to place a 2.5" or 1.8" SSD drive into the case.  This is going to be all the rage when the prices come down enough for the masses to afford them.