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  • SilverStone GD04 HTPC Case Review
  • SilverStone GD04 HTPC Case Review



    Today's personal computers come in all shapes and sizes. People are connected to the world almost constantly during their daily lives. From the first text message of the day until the last IM of the night. This level of connectivity has sparked a revolution in the way people think about their desktop style computers.

    Long gone are the days where a computer sat in a dark corner and was seldom used. Most households have multiple computers from laptops to desktops and can be found in virtually any room. Today's PCs are configured in many different ways and one of the most logical is the HTPC or Home Theater Personal Computer style design. Cases in the HTPC category strive to compliment your Home Theater equipment such as Surround sound receivers and Blu-Ray players. 

    Today in the Ninjalane Labs we will take a look at the SilverStone GD04, one of several in a family of HTPC cases. The one featured in this review is black but the case is also available in silver. Other SilverStone HTPC series have different looks and sizes to compliment any Home Theater arrangement.
    The front of the SilverStone GD04 has a classic brushed anodized finish and is very similar in style to a high end stereo component. The front is only disturbed by the minimum of components, featuring a easy access front panel with two USB and output for headphones as well as a mic input. On the right side near the bottom you will find square power and reset buttons as well as a small HDD activity light. The Drive opening is on the right also and features a unique design we will discuss later in the review.
    The finish of the front is in contrast to the sides and back surface. The anodised Aluminum plate is a full 8mm thick and looks great. It will definitely blend in with modern A/V systems.