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  • Noctua Case Fan Review
  • Noctua Case Fan Review



    Most enthusiasts are familiar with rotational speed it is the tell tale benchmark when it comes to air movement. The faster the fan spins the more air it can theoretically move, and depending on the size it can be hella loud. Case in point the 60mm Delta, this bad boy could move 43.4CFM of air but required a 7000 rpm spindle speed to do it. The downside was noise output to the tune of 50+ dB!

    Now take the Noctua fan line. These fans have been carefully engineered to move a large amount of air with a minimum amount of rotational speed. The benefit is an efficient fan that operates with very low noise and becomes an excellent replacement product for just about any application.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good things
    Quiet at a near silent 17dB
    Efficient cooling
    Low rotational speed
    No fancy lights
    Excellent styling
    Bad things
    Limited color selection
    No fancy lights
    More difficult to obtain
    We would like to thank Noctua for helping to make this review possible.