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  • OCLabs Waterblock Review
  • OCLabs Waterblock Review



    OCLabs is an Italian company that caters to overclockers and hardware enthusiast by offering a complete line of watercooling gear from custom waterblocks and pumps, reservoirs and even LN2 tanks and mounting hardware. Just about everything you will need to keep your system cool.
    In this review we will be looking at the universal waterblock from OClabs called the Plexiblock B3. The name might not be as catchy RBX, Storm, or Whitewater but there isn't anything that says you need to have one. As the name suggests the Plexiblock offers a window into the innerworkings of this waterblock by featuring a clear plexiglass cover over their standard waterblock design.
    This block features a standard two barb design and comes in 1/2" ID hose barbs. Much like the popular Danger Den products the plexi top comes highly polished with a 360 degree view thru and across the waterblock.
    By comparison the OCLabs waterblock is quite a bit taller then the DD Maze 4 we have pictured here. While the added depth might imply a higher fluid capacity the waterchannel is only a few fractions of an inch deep. So instead of higher capacity we get increased weight.