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  • Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink Review
  • Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink Review



    Included Goodies
    Sunbeamtech did not just give you a heatsink. They also included lots of great goodies to go along with the Core-Contact Freezer including the installation components.

    Going straight into the mounting gear you get a hard plastic ring that gets set into the LGA 775 motherboard heatsink mounting holes. This makes the mounting system a little more universal without needing tools.

    Then a Huge plus for Sunbeamtech is the provided tube of thermal grease. Sunbeamtech much like other heatsink makers is pushing to include higher end thermal grease with their heatsinks. This does make sense. Why would you want to sell an awesome heatsink, and the package up some crappy white thermal paste with it? Well no worry here for the Core-Contact Freezer, Sunbeamtech went the extra mile and gives you a good-sized tube of TX-2 thermal grease. This is really some great thermal paste and is great to work with.
    Last of the goodies is the fan controller and manual. This controller allows you the ability to adjust your fan speed while never needing to get inside the computer case. You mount it to the case on one of the open expansion card slots on the back of your case. Then attach the fan to it and boom you're on your way to total control. The manual pretty much tells you how to install the heatsink but really who needs to see it more than once.

    Well Sunbeamtech has given you a ton of extra goodies making this package a great value so far. Still in the end it is the performance that counts. So let's get onto the installation of the Core-Contact Freezer.
    Installing the Core-Contact Freezer is very simple and I’ll show you some of the steps involved in this part of the review.  I choose to use an Intel setup since we are a fresh out of AMD systems at the moment. Still it is pretty straightforward for installing on both platforms
    The install process does not require any removal of the motherboard, however to get a better picture it was done anyway. The mounting system is nothing more than a big ring shape. The mount fits into the motherboard heatsink mount holes. Then, pins are placed into the outer holes to secure the ring the motherboard.

    Next apply some of the included TX-2 thermal grease and make sure to add a little extra to get in the grooves of the heatpipes and aluminum base of the Core-Contact Freezer.
    Now, place the Core-Contact Freezer over the processor. Then using the tabs on the sides of the heatsink latch the clamps over the small lugs. This is very simple and should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.
    Last but not least is mounting the cooling fan. First off you place the open hooks of the wire into the fans holes. Then take the full length line of wire and wrap it around the Core-Contact Freezer and slide it into the heatsinks grooves.

    With the install being so simple lets get moving on to the benchmarking area.