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  • Sansun LED Keyboard Review
  • Sansun LED Keyboard Review



    It is a well documented fact that keyboards are the device most individuals use to input new data into a computer. Given that fact we bring you a keyboard that does more than just allow you to type. Welcome to the Dax LED Keyboard, this is a low profile unit designed to be compact and user friendly.
    For the spec hounds we have provided a feature list specific to this keyboard: (taken from the Sansun website)
    - Keyboard with patented LED-Backlight-Technology for extreme bright light
    - Key Number:104 keys
    - Input power:5V+/-5% 120mA
    - Travel distance :3+/-0.2mm
    - Keyboard Cable:170cm
    - Keyboard weight:700g
    - Keyboard dimension:415(L)x170(W)x30(H)mm
    - Compatibility: Fully compatible with windows98/Me/2000/XP/NT
    - Fully rubber coated housing for better non-skipping
    - 4 times extended light duration compared to common light keyboards
    - Flat, transparent, blue shining keys
    - GSM-Sensor range: up to 40 cm
    - Suitable for gamer
    - Ideal for working with low light intensity
    - PS/2-connector
    - Safety: FCC.CE.BSMI
    - Support multinational language
    - Flashing LED incoming call alert
    - Compact design, user friendly
    - Perfect in any environment
    - Custom graphic design (LED lights)
    - ON/OFF button for light
    Some of the other interesting facets of this item include a battery compartment found on the back of the keyboard. This compartment has no contacts for a battery power so other than giving options for future designs it makes for a great place to store batteries and other assorted goods. tongue smile
    The keyboard featured in this review is"silver" with white keys design though Sansun offers this product in two other color combinations including a "black" with black keys, and a "gray" with gray keys. The LED lights are blue in each product and provide enough luminescence to keep everything visible, even in total darkness.
    As the name suggests this keyboard contains a series of LEDs under the keyboard that make the translucent keys glow in a bright blue. The low profile keys make typing on the keyboard is very similar to typing on a laptop with the exception of having slightly larger keys and a functional number pad.
    There was one quirk about our review sample. Some of the shift characters were different than what was marked. When you press shift and 2, you get @, but when you look at the key, it is a " (quote). When you press shift and ' (apostrophe), you get " (quote) even though the key itself it shows a @. Several of the shift keys exhibited this behavior.
    At the writing of this review we are unsure if this is just a misprint on the keys or has something to do with the internal coding on the keyboard, though overall this was a minor thing. We are touch typists, and accustomed to the QWERTY "US" style keyboard so and as long as we don't look we're fine. happy smile
    Another point we would like to mention is that the keyboard is a bit on the flexible side and twists significantly with very little force. While this doesn't impact keyboard performance it is a minor concern if not properly stored during transport.
    GSM Sensor
    The GSM "call alert" is something that we found to be the very cool feature on this keyboard. The call alert only works with GSM enabled phones inside the 40cm (15.5 inch) detection radius but is activated whenever your phone is talking to the network (i.e. receiving a call or text message). To alert you the number pad will light up in a series of intricate and catchy blue and white patterns. We have created a short avi movie to demonstrate this feature.
    Overall this keyboard has been easy to use and fun to show to friends. In a way that is the real joy behind this product. Consider this, you have a custom rig (LED fans, cold cathodes, water cooler that glows under black light, etc.) , Well now you have a keyboard to go with it. Plus when you are gaming and expecting an important call you won't miss it, even if your headphones turned up loud to hear enemies' footsteps.
    This product has the cool factor. It's brighter than electron luminescence, and will let you see what you are typing in any dark environment. Not to mention it works, I typed this entire review using the Sansun SN-LK0601 LED Keyboard which brings us back to the primary reason for having a keyboard in the first place.
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    The Good Things
    Simply put it works
    It glows a bright blue
    Brigher than EL solutions
    GSM detector adding to the cool factor
    The Bad Things
    Inconsistent key markings
    Keyboard is 'flexxy' under pressure
    No stands for height adjustment
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Sansun for helping to make this review possible.