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  • Corsair XMS3200LL ProSeries Twinx Memory Review
  • Corsair XMS3200LL ProSeries Twinx Memory Review



    I have been using the XMS ProSeries memory for quite some time now and found them to be some of the fastest modules to date. Overclocking performance was better than expected having been able to run stable at DDR440 with default SPD settings. Normally the timings would need to be relaxed to attain such an overclock but the Corsair ProSeries did it without a hitch.
    Some people have asked me why I don't run DDR500 memory in all of my systems. Well, memory should be chosen based on how you are going to use your system. Personally even though I play an overclocker on TV I very rarely run my everyday workstations at anything but default speed. With this in consideration it would not make much sense to run DDR500 modules since overall performance would be less. On the other hand if I overclocked on a frequent basis the extra overhead allowed by the DDR500 modules would aid in system stability while not hindering memory bandwidth.
    For the user looking to add a little flair and maximum performance from their PC the Corsair XMS ProSeries 3200LL might be just what you are looking for.
    So to sum up here is my list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Low Latency @ DDR400
    True paired memory
    Ability to run overclocked at 1:1
    Cooler running memory
    LED activity lights
    Heat preaders that work
    The Bad Things
    Higher Cost
    Limited available sizes
    Tall modules
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Corsair Memory for helping to make this review possible.