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    We have a rather small review this time around that covers the latest ProSeries memory module from Corsair, the XL or eXtra Low Latency memory. This new memory is an addition to the ProSeries line and is available in one speed rating and size.
    TwinX1024-3200XLPRO (DDR400) 1024MB (512MB x2) 2-2-2-5

    You will notice that the memory timings are indeed very low on the XL modules, despite this they are not unlike other Corsair modules like the original 256MB TwinX module shown above or the ProSeries LL modules that we reviewed not to long ago. The timings on these modules are very low and started to appear around the beginning of the TwinX line and since then the T(ras) has never dropped below 6. This is really what makes the XL line different than the LL or early TwinX modules.
    To find out more about memory timings be sure to check out our other Corsair memory reviews listed below.

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    The Corsair ProSeries modules still feature hand picked memory chips to ensure consistency and are available in TwinX matched memory pairs for dual channel systems. The heatspreader is taller to allow room for a specially designed PCB that holds 18 activity LEDs located across the top. These LEDs light up based on memory activity and should appeal to hardware enthusiasts and casemodders alike.