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  • Corsair Twinx4000 DDR500 Dual Channel Memory Review
  • Corsair Twinx4000 DDR500 Dual Channel Memory Review


    Overclocking - DDR550

    We reviewed a Soltek motherboard some time back that contained a memory multiplier so you could run the main system memory at DDR533 while the FSB remained at 400Mhz. At the time this was a pretty neat little feature however there weren't any modules available to take advantage of it. Times have changed and with a little searching you can buy just about anything.

    The highest overclock our processor could muster was 276Mhz HTT, any higher and the memory clock would error and present a colorful BOSD. Like the DDR500 tests before you will find default and DDR550 scores below. The only change was a slight relaxing in memory timings and a minor bump in processor voltage.
    Memory Tested
    2x Corsair XMS4000 DDR500 1024megs @ 2Ghz/200HTT
    2x Corsair XMS4000 DDR500 1024megs @ 2.48Ghz/276HTT
    SiSoft Sandra
    Content Creation Winstone 2004
    Overclocking Conclusion
    Overclocked numbers in red and default in yellow, and like before we get some more points in the Winstone numbers due to increased memory bandwidth and 200Mhz extra on the processor side.