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  • CoolerMaster Alloy Front Bezel
  • CoolerMaster Alloy Front Bezel


    One of the most annoying things about building a custom computer is color matching your drives and accessories. With the standard white/beige cases you have options aplenty, but what happens when your case is a non-standard color, like black. Well for times like these we can turn to Coolermaster for a solution.
    As we know black is a very popular color for computer equipment and often times along with that black case you get a series of beige drives sticking out of the front. We didn't really have that problem with the stealth mod project since it had a hydraulic door but that doesn't completely solve the problem. To help in this unique situation Coolermaster has released a black anodized version of their alloy front cover called the AFP-U02.

    For those interested, our review of the previous cover can be found here.
    Aside from the obvious color change the alloy front cover is exactly like the original. The only visible difference is the lack of a graphical Coolermaster logo on the tray piece, we don't suspect that anyone will really notice or mind that it is missing.

    Now unlike our previous review we actually have a sample DVD drive to install the alloy front cover on, for reference the DVD is made by Samsung model number SD-612. We are glad to report that the front cover fit without any modifications and really doesn't look that bad.
    We are very impressed with the ease of use and professional look of the AFP-U02 and it makes you wonder what color could be next on the list, maybe something in a bright yellow or red. happy smile
    The Good Things
    In more "colors" than just aluminum
    Easy to use and apply
    Looks good
    Sticks good, doesn't fall off
    Matches current aluminum cases
    Proudly carries the CoolerMaster name and logo
    The Bad Things
    Not yet in alternative colors (some would argue whether this is bad or not!) wink smile
    Limited usability due to drive differences
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank CoolerMaster for helping make this review possible.
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