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  • DFI LanParty UT 790FX Motherboard Review
  • DFI LanParty UT 790FX Motherboard Review


    Motherboard Cooling

    Heatpipes are quickly becoming a standard in motherboard cooling and for fairly good reason they do a good job at it. Traditionalist like myself really have a hard time seeing the benefit to a heatpipe trail since they really just move the heat from whatever happens to be hottest to the next colder area. So, for those looking to keep everything cool a connected heatpipe might not be the best solution, but they do work.

    DFI has a pretty interesting setup here. The main cooler is comprised of 3 aluminum heatsinks placed over the PWM, Northbridge, and Southbridge. Each is connected by a single heatpipe which is then physically bolted down to the PCB.

    Pictures seem to do a better job describing the system so check them out.
    An addition to the onboard heatpipe DFI has added an additional part to further enhance motherboard cooling.  The Transpiper is a self contained heatpipe cooler that is very similar to the one found on the DFI NF 680i without the heatsink.

    Installation of the Transpiper is very similar to how it installs on the P35 series motherboard.  Please refer to that review for photos of this installation.  The only major difference is the lack of a copper plate to connect the processor to the transpiper.