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  • Soltek SL-K8AN-RL 'Black Thunder' Motherboard Review
  • Soltek SL-K8AN-RL 'Black Thunder' Motherboard Review


    Benchmarks - Overclocked

    Here is where things change up for the nForce3 150. The highest overclock I could muster from the system was 223Mhz FSB. The overclock was attained using the maximum vcore setting and by replacing the memory with some Corsair XMS4000 TwinX. Due to the lack of memory timing adjustments the next best thing was to completely replace the modules to increase the memory latency.
    The following benchmarks have a hardware split. The first (217) is using LL XMS Pro memory while the (223) is using DDR500 memory at Cas3.
    CPU-Z 217Mhz
    SiSoft Sandra Various Overcloc
    Memory clock remained at 1:1 so the resulting DDR speed is DDR434 at LL timings.
    The numbers pretty much speak for themselves, only a minor gain in synthetic performance due to the higher clockspeed, it would also appear that even at 223Mhz FSB there is no noticeable synthetic or realworld performance gain. (+24FPS in Quake 3)