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  • Hiper Type R 730W Power Supply (HPU-4S730) Review
  • Hiper Type R 730W Power Supply (HPU-4S730) Review



    Power supplies are one of the few items that we don't normally review here at Ninjalane, however there are times when something fresh and new comes across our desk that deserves a second look. HiperGroup was nice enough to send over one of their new Type R 730Watt PSUs for review. Truth be told we do not have the proper equipment to accurately conduct a PSU review so instead we will be focusing on the look and usability of this unit based on our long term testing and burn in process.
    The Hiper HPU-4S730 does come with several key features that should be noted including an SLI certification from nVidia, and 4 independent 12v rails. This unit is fully ATX 2.2 and Rohs compliant and even comes with a 3 year warranty. For a complete list of features on this and other Hiper products please visit the HiperGroup website.
    The Hiper HPU-4S730 is a very unique PSU in both in design and layout. The unit comes with 2x 20dba cooling fans and a fancy Stainless Steel chassis. (the first of its kind happy smile) The main ATX power connector is hardwired and located in the standard location, beyond that things get rather unique.
    As this is a modular PSU you can add and remove the power connections as you need them. The first thing you may notice is that all of the modular power plugs are located on the bottom of the PSU. There are a total of 8 power connections, 2 of which are dedicated to PCI Express and the other 2 are for P4 and P8 motherboard power, they both come with 4 pins so if you need 8 simply combines the 2 together. The rest are for 4 pin molex connections for drives and other such devices.
    Size wise the HPU-4S730 is quite long. For comparison purposes we've added an Antec NeoHE 550 PSU to the photos so you'll have a size reference. The Antec unit is very close to the standard size so if you are looking for an upgrade be sure you have enough room.