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  • Edifier e3100 2+1 Speaker System Review
  • Edifier e3100 2+1 Speaker System Review



    Speakers are something that we typically don't concern ourselves with here at Ninjalane primarily due to how difficult they are to review but every once in a while a special product finds a way into the Ninjalane Labs that deserve a second look.

    IIn this review we will be looking at a mainstream speaker system from Edifier called the e3100. The system comes in a 2+1 configuration making it perfect for any desktop computer setup or even a stand alone DVD or stereo system. Being that there is only 2 speakers and a sub surround sound will be out of the question. wink smile

    Edifier has been building custom and high quality loudspeakers since 1996 and since then has expanded to be one of the largest acoustical manufacturers in China with a total of 3 companies in China and North America.
    The basic look is following the current "retro" trend complete with analog dials for volume, bass, and treble. The vertical bar next to the controls is a power light and will glow orange whenever the system is active.
    - MDF wood enclosures for the subwoofer and satellite speakers.
    - 5'' High performance Woofer (131mm), Magnetically Shielded
    - 3 ''Midrange Driver with heat treated paper voice coil Magnetically Shielded
    - 3/4'' PV membrane dome Tweeter Magnetically Shielded
    - Front panel controls for Volume, Bass, and Treble adjustments
    - Available in black and silver finishes
    - Power output: RMS 8Wx2+12W(THD=10%)
    - Signal-to-Noise Rate (Amplifier): >=85dBA
    - Input Impedance:10Kohm
    - Input Sensitive: 450mv
    - Frequency Response: 48-20k Hz
    - Bass driver unit: 5" Woofer with heat treated paper voice coil(131 mm) Magnetically Shielded
    - Midrange Driver: 3" Midrange with heat treated paper voice coil(78 mm) Magnetically Shielded
    - Tweeter: 3/4" PV membrane dome Tweeter, Magnetically Shielded
    - Subwoofer:157(W)x235(H)x334(D)mm
    - Satellite:91(W)x172(H)x139(D)mm
    - Weight: About 7 Kg
    The audio connections are very simple and feature right and left RCA jacks for line level audio input and 2 pairs of wire clips for the satellite speakers. Like most self contained speaker systems the subwoofer box also houses the built in amplifier.
    Edifier prides themselves on the quality of their products from the custom designed MDF enclosures all the way down to the bimetallic audio wire. Granted these wires are not expensive by any means but this is the first system we've come across that doesn't have them hardwired to the satellites.