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In-Win CR-I530 10-in-1 Card Reader/Writer Review



In the labs today we have a product that is intended to bring together a ton of media transfer features into a very small space. The In-Win CR-I530 is a Digital 10-in-1 Card Reader/Writer with integrated USB 2.0, Firewire, and Audio support.
The 10-in-1 wouldn't really mean much if there weren't at least 10 supported features. They are listed below. I'm not really sure Hot-Swapping is a feature of the card reader since it's built into the USB and Firewire interfaces by default.

MultMedia Card
SecureDigital Card
Memory Stick Card (Pro)
3.3V SmartMedia Card
Type I/II CompactFlash Card
IBM Microdrive
IEEE1394 port
Audio port (microphone and speaker)
This device does require knowledge regarding your USB connections on you motherboard or expansion card. Some of the most common motherboard pin outs are listed in the USB cable installation guide.

Keep in mind each slot is assigned a separate drive letter.
I've found that the In-Win CR-1530 very handily replaces all of the functions that DFI includes with the FrontX panel. The obvious is the media connections, the card reader / writer is a welcome addition along with the compact size that easily fits into an empty 3.5" bay. While the additional connections are nice it will take a rare and special person to fill them all.
What is the verdict? This product works as advertised, and is very simple to install. Not much can be said beyond that. wink smile
Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
The Good Things
Easy to install
Works as advertised
Allows digital media to quickly be put on your pc
Very quick USB 2.0 and firewire connections
Available in two colors (Beige and Black)
The Bad Things
May need to research USB pin out of your motherboard or USB 2.0 expansion card
Very slim documentation, both included and on-line
For those looking to get one of these slick little units follow this link directly to the In-Win CR-i530 @ Iocombo (as of this writing).
I would like to thank iocombo for helping to make this review possible.
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