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  • CES 2008 Day 1 (Preview)
  • CES 2008 Day 1 (Preview)



    Here we are again at CES checking out the sites and sounds found in the Las Vegas Convention center.  2008 marks our second year attending the show and the last year ole Bill Gates will offer to do the opening keynote speech.  We never had much desire to attend the keynotes but some media outfits do their best to cover whatever they can.

    For us CES is a time to get reacquainted with our media contacts and see what is new for the spring season.  Most of the hardware here is the same stuff we saw at Computex but every once in awhile there is something new.

    So why only a "preview"? well the trusty Ninjalane laptop has finally given us the heads up that its getting a little old for photo editing.  We cannot blame it, the little trooper has seen way to many road trips, airport checkpoints, and years.  As a result we're gong to have to postpone our daily CES coverage until we get back to the comforts of the Ninjalane Labs.

    Technical difficulties do come in all shapes and sizes, but we do have some photos to share from our Day 1 wanderings.  Enjoy big grin smile
    The Asus booth was tucked away in the meeting maze of South Hall 4 (in the same place it was last year) but they expanded a little since then.  The hot item on the wall was this nVidia 780i 3-Way SLI motherboard complete with copper memory heatsinks.  The board is based on the new 7 series chipset from nVidia and so far is only available for the Intel 775.

    Some of the other items include a "show winner" old style internet radio and a consumer style dual AMD workstation motherboard.
    Asus has never been known for their video cards but they did have a couple on the wall worth pointing out.  The first with the big heatsink is an overclocked 8800GTS while the other, with the big ass heatsink, is a 8800GT with 1GB of DDR3 video ram. shock smile