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  • CES 2008 Day 1 (Preview)
  • CES 2008 Day 1 (Preview)


    Misc Other Booths

    Adata is one of the big players in the memory world and they do quite a bit more than your standard DRAM.  For instance they have a complete line of "fashionable" USB drives and even some designed specifically for the Eee PC.  Of the new styles we really liked this Disney branded part in the shape of a Mickey head.  The shiny part in the middle is for analog style photos.

    Adata is also launching 3 lines of enthusiast style memory in varying grades.  The lines start with Plus "+" then move to G and finish with X.  These parts are speed dependent with the X  line being mostly DDR3.  The current super high-end memory is 2000X (DDR3 2000) and even comes in a fancy display box.
    CoolerMaster has a great booth location this year right on the edge of a major walkway.  Sadly there is nothing in the way of current products.  Instead they are holding a ladder style gaming tourney and every system in the match is a custom Cosmos gaming case.

    We'll be dropping in on them throughout the show to see how things are progressing. 
    Edifier and Others
    Much to our surprise Edifier had a small booth at CES.  They have done a great job with low end speaker systems but we'd halfway hoped to see more in terms of high-end gaming or audiophile systems from them.

    Some of the other cool items of the day included a replica transformer at the Dolby booth,  A monster cable Lambo, and one of them new Honda 1000 RRs  wink smile