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  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1
  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1


    EVGA EVBot

    When overclocking you have several paths to take.  Video cards are usually overclocked using software from within your OS using a tool like Riva Tuner or EVGA precision and motherboards can be tweaked using the standard BIOS or from the OS using E-Leet tuner.  Well as you can imagine there is a better way and it's called EVBot.
    EVBot is a hardware overclocking tool that allows you to adjust voltages and frequencies independent of an OS so that now people running Linux can overclock there motherboards without needing to make any BIOS tweaks.  The EVBot is also universal in that you simply flash a new EPROM to the device to match the hardware you are working on.

    Recently we posted a PhysX performance article that really showed the power of having a less powerful video card dedicated to PhysX processing was the most efficient way to enable PhysX in games.  Shortly after that article was posted EVGA announced the GTX 275 Co-op video card which pairs a GTX 275 as your primary GPU processor with a GTS 250 dedicated to PhysX.
    This is a great card that allows you to run a single video card and take full advantage of PhysX in games.

    Sadly that pretty much concludes our Day 1 coverage at CES had the NVidia press conference not have ran 2 hours and maybe featured something other than mobile Tegra2 processors we might have had more time to troll around and find some better things to show.  

    However all is not lost, in fact there are still a couple days left and a fair amount of meetings left on the schedule.