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CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1



Well it's that time again; time to head to the oasis known as Las Vegas to attend the annual CES or Consumer Electronics Show.  We had a couple of firsts this time around, unlike in previous years where I flew in the day of the show and usually this the booths around noon I flew in a couple days early  to take in the sights and check out some of the pre-show activities.  These would include the press only CES Unveiled and exclusive press only Digital Experience.  Both of these shows were very similar in that there were a limited amount of manufactures there and a HUGE crowd of press people trying to get a sneak peek at the new tech.

The other is that I'm not the only one attending CES from Ninjalane, yep I have staffers helping me out.  Not only is this a great way to cover more ground but it helps the various people I talk to each year understand what Ninjalane is all about.

Of the pre-show activities the Digital Experience show had some of the better stuff on display including a working sample of the new NVidia GF100 video card.  NVidia had a tech demo running to show some of the new technologies built into the new platform.
Of course this is only a single card hooked up to a single monitor so we didn't get to see any of the 3dvision surround.  The hot NVidia item this year is the new Tegra2 processor platform which is more than a mobile processor but a full on mobile/small form factor multimedia system allowing you to play full res HD movies with extremely low power usage.
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