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  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 2
  • CES 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - Day 2



    One of the necessary evils of a tradeshow is the dreaded meeting schedule and your success at a trade show is really driven by how well you schedule,  your stops, and how much time you allow to get from one point to another.  Or course not ignoring a built in buffer for meetings that run long or traffic that is extremely slow.  CES Day 2 fell on a Friday and was quickly dubbed "Hotel Hell", not because of the cool rock rhythm but rather that it started out bad and never seemed to end.
    CoolerMaster Suite
    The day started out with an excellent meeting with Cooler Master in their hotel suite.  As always they had a wide variety of products on display including a new V6 cooler that not only featured a stylish new design but boasted an improved heatpipe layout to improve direct cooling.
    Coolermaster as been well known for their fan designs and while the quiet slow moving fan is what most people look for you can't get anything on the other end of the spectrum.  Here we have a high pressure fan design with perforated sides to increase airflow.  Coolermaster also had this turbine design with low side walls to increase airflow and decrease noise.
    It wouldn't be a proper Coolermaster display without looking at a few cases, and there were some cool ones to see.  The highlight was the upgrade to the CM690 that is just like the standard 690 but pre-modded based on user feedback and what the community was doing to improve the case for their own systems.  
    Choiix was also nearby showing off some cool laptop coolers and a self powered laptop speakers that actually sounded pretty good
    Bed not included. wink smile