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    We have been a strong supporter of SilverStone over the years, their produces are always very high quality and fulfill many of the niche applications that we enthusiasts encounter when building various systems. One of the areas SilveStone has been focused on for quite some time is the HTPC market. There were several systems on display dedicated to the HTPC including this external SATA storage system. The system supports eSATA connections and contains a raid controller with support for up to 5 drives and all of the major RAID levels. The heatsink across the top keeps the drives cool so no fan is necessary.

    The HTPC demo system was an upgrade from the one we saw at CES with more features and better control over your media center.
    Silverstone added a new Temjin case to the line up that comes with several great mods already installed. One of the highlights of this, and other new Silverstone cases, is the use of magnets to hold all of the swing doors shut.
    We had a lengthy discussion about PSUs and Silverstones unique take on how to solve the power problem we find in PCs today. Bottom line is nobody really "needs" 1000W of power, its just nice to have. Regardless it is important to note how the PSU is built as that will dictate the overall quality. The new Silverstone Zeus and Decathlon PSUs feature 1200W of power and built to very high tolerances, in the case of the Zeus you even have the option of a single or dual rail power delivery. The Silverstone standard is based around using a single rail.