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  • Computex 2008 Day 3



    For us day 3 of Computex has always been the biggest meeting day however this year we decided to schedule less meetings and try the impromptu approach.  This meant that we could get all of our formal meetings out of the way on Day 2 and concentrate on new contacts for the remainder of the show.

    We only had 2 official meetings on Day 3 and spent the rest of the time floating around the new Nangang building to see what else was on display.  Here is what we found.

    On a side note, we figured out the trick required to meet other editors.  Basically you hang out at a booth for while chatting and otherwise and just wait, after about 10min you’ll find someone from a different website who does what ever they can to make you go away so they can continue their bee line to the marketing person.  Kind of neat really.
    Abit was our first scheduled stop, the booth was located on the upper level of the Nangang exhibition center right in the middle of the show floor.  The booth was very nice however the product display was limited to 2 basic things.  Motherboards and picture frames, but these are not just any picture frame as they also make perfect dye sub prints of the photos being shown.
    As with most photo frames you can replace the decorative part with whatever you want including a cowskin.  (might not be available in India)
    abit had several new products on display along with several from the current generation, among them X48 and P45 were the most popular.

    The cooling options found on the new abit motherboards are quite unique, so far they are the only ones we've found doing a split heatpipe solution with the intent of creating a dual loop cooler.