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  • Computex 2009 Day 2 – Taipei Taiwan
  • Computex 2009 Day 2 – Taipei Taiwan



    Day 2 of Computex is what we like to call "working day", the schedule was completely full with hour long meetings all stacked back to back.  Most of the time we don't expect our meetings to run over the hour, in fact some of them only last 20 minutes, but something was different.  We started the day busy and we were behind schedule the entire time.
    Silverstone was first on our list and they had a ton on display this year.  The biggest item was the Raven 2 or RV02.  This case takes all of the good things found in the Raven and extends them to actually create an extremely usable case.

    The case format is rotated like the RV01 so cables and such exit out the top.  PSU is located on the back, drives are in the front, and the bottom features 3x 180mm fans with variable speed switches to control noise and cooling power. 

    If you look closesly you'll see 4 nVidia GPUs stuffed in there as well. happy smile.
    The case we found most interesting is the FT02.  The FT02 takes the internals of the RV02 and gives them the FT01 styling.  The case is also slightly de-tuned when compared to the Raven2 as the fans are no longer variable speed and comes with a different drive configuration. 

    Here is a little gem for those of us on a budget, This MicroATX HTPC chassis features a shallow design to match the size of current home theater amplifiers, will support full sized video cards, and only costs $100.
    Early this year Silverstone announced a 1500W PSU and as you can imagine this thing is huge!. 
    Lastly we have the MiniITX cases that are surprisingly not that small, this is due to the 120mm cooling fan behind the front panel.