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  • Foxconn New Products – Quantum Force and DigitLife



    Earlier this year there was a rumor spreading around the internet saying that Foxconn was getting out of the motherboard business.  In fact the rumor spread so well that many of the motherboard makers at Computex this year seem to be saying the same thing.  Well you have to ask yourself, if Foxconn was going to get out of the motherboard business why are they still designing them?

    As we know rumors have a nasty way of getting twisted into a certain truth.  We did some investigating awhile back and discovered this whole thing got started after some folks in Europe lost their jobs.  Seems a little harmless but after a few creative news postings a rumor was started.  Combine that with the cost cutting that Foxconn has done on a global level and you really can see how the rumor could have been true. 

    Foxconn was one of the few companies that didn't have a real booth at Computex, instead they hosted a VIP suite in the Grand Hyatt and didn't set any meetings except with sales.  That means no casual walking around, no media coverage, no interviews, nothing. 
    Well, over the years we have created some good connections at Foxconn and were given an exclusive look at the 2 latest motherboard products during Computex and was later invited to the HQ offices in Tu-Sheng to see some working samples and take the following photos.