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Sorry for the lack of updates this past week but, there is a good reason for that.  I was overclocking!  Over the last weekend I held a little overclocking get together so that I could see what the big deal was about Liquid Nitrogen.

The event was planned over the past few weeks but really became a "mad rush" to make sure everything was ready.  First of all I needed to make sure I had equipment to store and transport LN2 so I bought a 25 Liter dewar off ebay.  I also picked up some hand flask vacuum bottles at one of the local stores so I could do percision pours.  All of that would be for moot unless I had a really good CPU container.  Of course when you are planning something like this there are things that don't turn out, like my bench table, but it is a great start for things to come. 

All in all the party turned out great and was sealed in the history books right after the 180 Liter tank was delivered.  That of course lead to the first LN2 pour and subtle whisps of Nitrogen vapor.

Things here should return to normal over the next week including a couple of new reviews.  In the meantime check out the the pictures from the Ninjalane Overclocking Party - Gigabyte with LN2 event on Facebook and be sure to like us if you like what you see.

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