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Those of you who have been following Foxconn (besies anything related to the Apple i(andything)) will have noticed that they have started to migrate away from channel motherboards to AIO barebones systems and multimedia PCs.  the Nano PC nT-i1500 is one such product that will likely change how the mainstream uses a desktop PC.

Foxconn has brought us to the table the latest generation of Intel Atom CPUs, by using the small Nano PC chassis which features about the same layout inside as the barebones we have tested from them in the past. The system power consumption is very low, temperatures are good in load and the noise generated is decent. Only thing that needs to be fixed to make this product fully functional is the VGA driver which in its current state offers low performance in both 2D and 3D environments, and Intel does not offer any support for x64 OSes.

Foxconn has always had their hands in barebone system design and found them to be quite profitable since customers buy them as a white box and can rebrand them anyway they wish.

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