15 Current Technologies A Child Born Today Will Never Use

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My how technology changes and reading this list makes me think back to some of the tech that I used as a kid which is now gone.  Rotary phone? ya forget about it, VCR? Nope got rid of that 10+ ago.  However there are still things around that migh have gone away.  CD player, yep you can buy them and most boom boxes still have them, AM radio, yep, Landline phone, I doubt that will go away any time soon.

When reading this list I get the impression that we have a fanboy on our hands and while there may be some truth to what they are saying I believe the timeline is off.

As my newborn son grows to match the size of a mid-tower desktop, a large-screen TV and eventually a server rack, I can’t help but think about all the gadgets he won’t even remember using that were so important to his dad. I’m not talking about long dead-and-buried technologies such as the VHS recorder or the 35mm camera. Rather, I’m thinking about devices and concepts most of us use today that will fall out of mainstream use so soon that he either won’t remember them, or will only have very hazy memories of having lived with them.

I guess the key here is that he says "mainstream use", still that is no excuse for saying that Microsoft has all the answers.  

oh, another reaffirming fact? one of their other articles is claiming why you should be using google+, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

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