Want to Run Linux on Your Microsoft Surface? @ TechGage

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I have spoke many times on the Ninjalane Podcast about how much I love my Asus Slate tablet PC and thus far have not tried reloading the OS or tweaking the system in any way, mostly because it just works.

Well, one of the other reasons for this is that to reload the OS you have to rely on the USB ports to give you keyboard access and provide external storage for the OS.  Not exactly an easy thing to do.  

It would seem that running Linux on my Slate might be possible but on a Windows8 Slate that simply isn't the case.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet is an interesting specimen for a couple of reasons, but one of the biggest is that it’s a tablet that features a desktop OS (although the RT edition is very scaled-down). Because of this, some had hoped that installing another OS on it would be fairly simple. After all, we’re all familiar with Windows’ boot-loaders at this point. As it turns out, however, accomplishing this is easier said than done. The reason? You guessed it: SecureBoot.

Darn that SecureBoot, but if you think about it, SecureBoot is a good thing for most everyone since it does make the OS a little less susceptible to bad hacking.  I guess Linux falls into that category.

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