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I remember doing this with an old webcam.  The process was pretty simple and required that you remove the IR filter and replace it with a visible light filter.  In my case I used the fully exposed color film negative and cut a filter from it to fit my USB camera lens.  You may think the negative was completely blacked out but it transmitted IR light quite well.

(You can test this by placing the film negative over your IR tv remote and changing the channel)

The results were quite amazing and reminded me of a really messed up black and white photo.  You can also take some rather amazing night photos using supplemental IR lights and a tripod.  Be careful though, people have been known to see thru certain types of swimsuits using IR cameras giving you x-ray vision (and maybe landing you in trouble).

As both a techie and a photographer I love pushing the envelope of what is possible in digital photography. One of the most interesting intersections of these the interests has been the observation that images don’t need to be limited to visible light. Several years ago I had a Nikon D70 converted to be sensitive to infrared — allowing me to capture some amazing images of Cambodian temples and moody landscapes.

This article takes things a little further and with a much more expensive camera, My little USB camera was pretty much worthless after the conversion since it took too long to put the old lens back in.  Then again that is why I used a USB web cam over something more expensive.

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